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logo_avatar-150-leftWe believe that everybody is entitled to be able to read well.

Half the adults in the UK are unable to do so despite years of tuition in our schools.

Quote from Nick Gibbs, Schools Minister
“…. we all need to face up to an uncomfortable fact. Despite the hard work of teachers all over the country, too few children are able to read to a high enough standard. “

For Parents
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Parents are childrens’ first, most important and influential teachers.  Help your child develop their reading skills to a high standard.

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Lexia Reading® for home use
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Lexia Reading is successful, research-proven software widely used in UK schools.  It is now available for parents to purchase for their child to use at home and is an affordable alternative to private tuition.

The Lexia Reading program is suitable for all ages and abilities.  It assesses a child’s reading level and teaches to their individual needs.

The Lexia Reading software is available to download today.

How will Lexia Reading help my child?